Credit Hours: 1

10 Tips to Becoming a Successful Locksmith

This one (1) hour course will teach you how to become a successful locksmith. The online locksmith training course is designed to teach beginning and experienced locksmiths 10 essential ways to improve their locksmithing skills to increase their marketing ability and bring in more revenue for their business. The information contained in this online training course are tried and true tips used by nationally recognized locksmiths! This business course is a great addition to the other technical locksmith courses you may have already taken. Register for the 10 Tips to Becoming a Successful Locksmith online course and learn on the best continuing education platform with the most effective e-learning and up-to-date technology.

Product Description / Course Objectives

This online course is designed to train students to be better locksmiths by implementing 10 essential locksmith business practices. The goal is to improve your locksmithing business. By the end of this online training course you will be able to:

•        Identify fair pricing for your business
•        Understand the benefits and pitfalls of common advertising methods
•        Describe networking and money-making opportunities
•        Define your true competition and the ways in which you can avoid cheating yourself out of success
•        Identify several important ways to maintain and grow your business
The locksmith training class is divided into 10 main topics:
•        Course Introduction
•        Step 1: The Yellow Pages
•        Step 2: The Competition
•        Step 3: Fair Profit
•        Step 4: Money-making Opportunities
•        Step 5: Your Business, Not Your Hobby
•        Step 6: Keep Accurate Records
•        Step 7: Learn to Earn
•        Step 8: Do Not Cheat Your Business or Yourself
•        Step 9: Learn the Art of Pricing
•        Step 10: Network
There will be a quiz at the end of the course that must be completed to receive full CEU credit.

Credit Hours: 1

Approved for CEU Credit in:

Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina:(Locksmith), Texas