Our Core Values

Elite CEU provides innovative e-Training solutions to keep workers working!

Our Mission

Elite CEU empowers workers to increase their knowledge and qualifications by providing innovative training solutions. 

Our History

Since 2004, Elite CEU has been a trusted family-owned business that has expanded to a national level to provide time- and money-saving training solutions for security, fire and electrical industry professionals for both small and large organizations. While we specialize in online learning, Elite CEU’s combined staff has more than a century of knowledge and experience in these specific industries to offer meaningful skill enhancement through multiple learning platforms. We are committed to providing exceptional continuing education courses, industry certifications and custom course development that keep workers working, generating revenue and developing new business.

Why You Should
Choose Elite CEU

Reliable Expertise

You can count on Elite CEU to not only have the industry knowledge but to be sensitive to industry nuances. We know that every minute you spend training is a minute taken away from earning revenue. We rely on a strong, nationwide network of industry experts to ensure our dynamic training is informative and accessible, which keeps you working

Trusted Partner

Learn with confidence with Elite CEU like hundreds of companies and thousands of certified workers already have.


Online training costs a fraction of “old school” classroom training. Elite CEU customer surveys indicate that most companies experience an average gain of $50 per production hour after implementing our training solutions.


Enjoy online, self-paced training to ensure fewer distractions and better retention of the material.

Convenience and Accessibility

Access training material 24-7-365 – at the last minute or far in advance. As long as you have an Internet connection, our courses are available anytime, anywhere.


Many students can be trained at the same time and at their convenience through Elite CEU online learning systems.

Consistent Information

Receive consistent information that has been painstakingly updated to ensure learning material is current. Our flexible online platform permits advanced level options and further customization when needed.

Custom Course Design

Elite CEU excels at partnering with clients to develop challenging custom training modules for specific industry needs.

Elite VR

Utilizing our background in instructional design, Elite CEU has evolved training solutions using AR and VR Technology. Our design capabilities are applicable to every industry, with curriculum specific to your company's needs. With a comprehensive approach to education, Elite CEU is prepared to assist your employees in retaining experiences far beyond the capabilities of traditional training, meeting your companies training needs now and in the future.

Our Clients