Credit Hours: 1

Bypass Schlage Securekey

This one hour course Bypass Schlage Securekey is designed to familiarize locksmiths with the internal workings of Schlage’s re-settable lock and how to exploit the inherent weaknesses in that lock and the customer key changing concept to quickly and professionally bypass those locks in the event of an emergency, a lockout or mechanical failure of the lock. The video segment shows the actual SECUREKEY lock cylinders being bypassed by various methods. This course shows the lock how to use common tools and techniques to neutralize these locks by capitalizing on the inherent shortcomings within the physical engineering parameters of these locks and the easiest ways to open the locks when keys have been lost or the locks are inoperable by ordinary means.

Product Description / Course Objectives

To acquaint the professional locksmith with a relatively new concept of lock technology for the residential and light commercial markets and how to bypass those locks when normal or acceptable means of operating the lock fails. We will inform the locksmith of the engineering “quirks” in these locks and how those problems will impact the end-user and how those problems create a service and repair venue heretofore unavailable to the professional locksmith. The visual aids and video will prepare a professional locksmith to respond to end-user needs in the event of lockouts, when lost key generation, repair and general servicing of Schlage’s SecureKey re-settable locks are not an option. Completion of this course should provide a professional locksmith with a solid understanding, grasp and proficiency relating to the bypassing of these locks.


Credit Hours: 1


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina:(Locksmith), Texas