Credit Hours: 2

Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair Series Part 2:Hinges

In this second course in the Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair Series, you will not only learn about the different types of hinges and how to install and repair them, but also gain valuable diagnostic tips to help you more accurately determine the best solutions for your customers’ door repair needs. With several comprehensive installation and repair examples, you will conclude the course with an insider’s knowledge that will save you time, help you avoid costly mistakes, and increase your bottom line. And your increased knowledge of how to apply various repair options to a given situation will increase the demand for your services.

Product Description / Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course you will be able to do the following: Name the different types of hinges.

  • Outline the steps for repairing and installing hinges on the most common types of aluminum stile doors.
  • Understand how to diagnose repair problems and to select the proper type of hinge to solve the problem.


Credit Hours: 2


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina:(Locksmith), Texas