Credit Hours: 2

Fundamentals of Fire Systems

The two (2) hour Fundamentals of Fire Systems online training course will provide you with valuable life safety information. Discover the many causes of fire and the nature of this deadly phenomenon. This training course will make you more aware of how fire has become even more deadly due to hotter and faster burning fuel. You will also take a look at some of the detection devices relating to smoke and fire and how they may be used to improve your fire systems. Register for the Fundamentals of Fire Systems and learn on the best continuing education platform with the most effective e-learning and up-to-date technology.

Product Description / Course Objectives

The fire systems training course covers:

  • Discover valuable statistics and lifesaving information
  • Discover how modern household furnishings have made fire much more deadly
  • Learn the stages of a fire- relating to the fire triangle
  • Understand that requirements- regarding household fire detection have changed considerably
  • Discover some of the principles behind smoke and heat detection


Credit Hours: 2


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, NICET, Tennessee (Qualifying Agent), Texas