Credit Hours: 2

Guide to CCTV Lighting

The two hour course entitled, Guide to CCTV Lighting delves into the topic that many electronic security professionals need more education on, lighting. A quality CCTV system should offer a clear picture of the area being monitored no matter what the lighting situation is. Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, day, or night all of these scenarios will be addressed in this course. You will also learn the correct definition of light and color, the different challenges faced with lighting, how light reacts to certain surfaces, and how to address infra-red and white-light solutions. Overall, this interactive course is designed to teach you to determine what the lighting needs are and how to integrate the correct solution in any situation you may face. The result, the best picture for your client under any lighting condition!

Product Description / Course Objectives

This course is designed to tackle one of the most challenging aspects for CCTV systems, lighting. The objective of this course is to offer clarification for the student on the following issues:
• The need for proper lighting
• Types of lighting
• Challenges faced with lighting a camera system
• Proper distances
• Costs associated with proper lighting
• Even illumination
• Proper integration of equipment
• Typical installation scenarios


Credit Hours: 2


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina: (Alarm), New Jersey, Tennessee (Qualifying Agent), Texas