Credit Hours: 2

Written and Verbal Communication Skills

This two-hour course, Written and Verbal Communication Skills focuses on two important professional skills that we all take for granted: written and verbal communication. We will cover basic conversation to e-mail etiquette to proper time-sheets and job documentation. The simple guidelines mentioned in this course will help to get your message across effectively and efficiently, and ultimately create a more productive and profitable organization.

Product Description / Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  •  Understand the importance of communication
  •  Discuss the communication process
  •  Effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing
  •  Understand how non-verbal cues affect communication
  •  Produce proper job documentation
  •  Write better reports



Credit Hours: 2


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Tennessee: (Qualified Agent), Texas