Certification Hours: 7
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Life Safety Codes Certification

This 7-hour certification course, titled Life Safety Codes utilizes Life Safety Functions to ensure the protection of life during a fire or other event that requires building occupants to evacuate or relocate. The functions incorporated in fire alarm and signaling systems serve to assist the emergency forces responding in addition to the occupants. This certification teaches about the basic understanding of Life Safety, Fire, and Accessibility codes that pertain to swinging doors and the hardware for a door assembly within a security system. At the conclusion of this certification, the student will be able to identify possible violations affecting them along with the recommended corrective measures. 

This course is approved by the Louisiana Life Safety and Property Protection Advisory Board for Qualifiers if required for endorsement.

Note: There are no prerequisite requirements for taking this life safety code certification series.

Please note, courses taken as part of a Certification can not be used as CEU’s, continuing education units or credits.

Categories: , Valid in the following state:

Product Description / Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will: 

  • Learn the life safety functions that building systems incorporate to assist emergency forces and protect occupants. 
  • Understand the purpose of life safety functions and their operation as part of a fire alarm and signaling system. 
  • Determine the code and requirements associated with life safety functions to ensure proper installation and operation. 
  • Describe the purpose and goals of life safety codes employed in buildings. 
  • Identify architectural features and aspects of building construction that contribute to life safety. 
  • Recognize building functions and understand how their operation can enhance life safety. 
  • Identify occupancy types and how their life safety requirements differ from other buildings. 
  • Determine how scope and extent of work in a structure is defined and the requirements of each type. 
  • Understand NFPA 80 and NFPA 101 requirements for swing door assemblies. 
  • Implement fire door assemblies best practices. 
  • Explain the importance of servicing fire door assemblies. 
  • Identify the owner’s responsibilities for compliance. 
  • Classify service provider’s responsibilities for compliance.


Certification Hours: 7

Approved for Certification Credit in: Louisiana


Online Certification Course Layout:

All approved courses, curriculum, & quizzing will be offered through a self-paced web based training platform.  The Certification Test (i.e. final exam) will be a one-hour proctored final exam with a nationally recognized testing company.

  • Each group of topics will be divided into titled and clearly identified modules ranging from 1 to 3 hours, for a total of 7 hours.   NOTE: Course modules will be delivered through SCORM standard LMS (Learning Management System) compliant software.
  • All online course modules are self-paced and can be logged off and on at anytime to where they left off.
  • After each module section is completed a mandatory quiz of ten questions will be given, on which learners must score of 70% or better in order to pass and receive course credit.

Final Exam:

Proctored Final Exams are taken ONLINE with national testing company, Proctor Exams.

Please verify that you can meet system requirements to complete the final exam.

  • After all module sections have been completed, use the automatic single sign-on button to access your Exam via Proctor Exams. This access will appear only after all applicable coursework has been completed.
  • Using your Elite CEU login you will complete the proctored 40 question final exam.
  • Once the final exam is passed with a 70% or better, and the Exam Verification has been completed,  Elite CEU will be notified and a Certificate of Completion will be processed and sent directly to the student within 2 business days of Exam Verification.  We will also send a copy of the certificate to the appropriate governing security board (if required).    

    NOTE: If a student fails to pass the exam, they can immediately retake the online proctored final exam and will pay a $45 retesting fee to Proctor Exams. To purchase an exam at a later date, use your Elite CEU login to to access your single sign-on for purchasing.



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