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Residential Fire Alarm Technician Certification

Many residential security professionals throughout the United States are required to take a Residential Fire Alarm Technician course and/or State exam in order to fulfill their state requirements. The majority of these certification courses are available only through a traditional classroom setting for two days at a time followed by a state exam. This creates a huge problem for the majority of licensees due to logistical, monetary reasons, and time constraints. Because of this fact, many security professionals are not in compliance with their State Fire Marshal’s rules and are not properly trained. This can lead to unnecessary fines and liability issues for all licensed companies.  The proper operation of fire alarm and signaling systems is critical to their ability to protect life and property. This course is designed to educate the student on the importance of testing and inspection to identify system deficiencies and perform corrective action. The requirements for generation and retention of documentation and records will be part of this course.

This online seven (7) hour Residential Fire Alarm Technician course is dedicated to training technicians about the importance of residential fire systems.  This fire alarm technician course is designed to provide the existing requirements for all technicians who install and/or maintain smoke and heat detectors in residential construction.  This includes the design process, system requirements, installation of residential fire systems, wiring specifications, record documentation, the inspection process, how to maintain the system, and finally, how to test a residential fire system.  

This training certification is designed to teach new and existing residential fire alarm technicians the requirements for obtaining your residential fire alarm technician license. This certification provides the necessary code knowledge for individuals or companies to expand their business to include the design, installation, maintenance, and testing of residential fire systems without the need of the Fire Alarm Installer Technique Certification  (FAIT) which covers a much broader aspect than just residential fire systems. The material is designed to offer specific code related information from the:

  • NEC (NFPA 70)
  • National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (NFPA 72)
  • Life Safety Codes (NFPA 101)
  • International Residential Codes

The Louisiana Life Safety and Property Protection Advisory Board has approved this course as an initial certification option for both the Non-Required and Household Fire Specialists Endorsements.

Approved In: Louisiana

Categories: , , Valid in the following state:

Product Description / Course Objectives

This course can be taken through our website online with a one hour proctored exam, or in a one-day class with one of our qualified and experienced NICET Level 3 instructors.

Residential Fire Alarm Technician Certification Online Training Course:

All approved courses, curriculum, & quizzing will be offered through a self-paced web based training platform. The Certification Test (i.e. final exam) will be a one-hour proctored final exam with a nationally recognized testing company.

  • All seven hours of instruction will be divided into 1-4 hour segments for a total of 7 classroom equivalent hours. 
    • NOTE: Course modules will be delivered through SCORM standard LMS (Learning Management System) compliant software. Our courses utilize the Articulate® eLearning platform.
  • All progress and results are tracked in real-time offering immediate interaction with the student, as well as the ability for the student to log off and log back on where they left off.
  • Throughout the course modules, the student must answer knowledge checks, and at the end of each course module, there is a mandatory final (cannot receive credit unless a score of 70% or better is obtained).


Final Exam:
Final Exams are taken ONLINE with national testing company, Proctor Exams.
Please verify that you can meet system requirements to complete the final exam.

  • After all module sections have been completed, use the automatic single sign-on button to access your Exam via Proctor Exams. This access will appear only after all applicable coursework has been completed.
  • A picture ID are needed in order to take the proctored one hour final exam.
  • Using your Elite CEU login you will complete the proctored 30 question final exam.
  • Once the final exam is passed with a 80% or better, and the Exam Verification has been completed, Elite CEU will be notified and a Certificate of Completion will be processed and sent directly to the student within 2 business days of Exam Verification.
  • NOTE: If a student fails to pass the exam, they can immediately retake the online proctored final exam and will pay a $45 retesting fee to Proctor Exams. To purchase an exam at a later date, use your Elite CEU login to to access your single sign-on for purchasing.


If you need multiple Certifications for a larger number of students/employees, please see our Bulk Pricing below!  This reduction is based on groupings related to the number of students being enrolled at one time. Discounts are received via our Bulk Registration or Bulk Enrollment features.

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