Licensing Changes in the Texas Security Industry

As of September 1st, 2019, S.B. 616 will go into effect, changing key aspects of the Texas Security Industries long standing licensing rules and regulations. All Alarm Salespersons, Branch Office Managers, Employee of License Holders, Security Consultants, Security Salespersons, and Guard Dog Trainer registrations will expire and a pocket card will no longer be required for these registrations. These licenses will no longer be regulated and the State will no longer record applications, renewals or update employee information. While applications currently submitted will be processed and security professionals are expected to remain in compliance with the current rules through August 31st, as of September 1st the option to apply for the affected licenses will no longer be available. Applications that have not completed will be abandoned. Unspecified Texas license endorsements and registrations will not be affected and the licensing requirements will remain the same.

For detailed information regarding these new regulations, please visit the “New Legislation” page of the Texas Department of Public Safety website.