Elite VR: A Reintroduction

While there is no one, single defining factor of success, at its core success comes from the ability to adapt to adversity and overcoming challenges. As a company, Elite CEU is dedicated to continued development and growth. In part this dedication manifests in Elite CEU’s product, providing online platforms and tools to learn new skills. The other facet to this dedication is a continual reinvestment in the company’s structure and goals. However, sometimes this identity reinvention can be unclear or vague. To be more transparent and accountable, Elite CEU defines itself through its mission statement to empower workers and provide innovative eTraining solutions. Elite CEU meets these goals by providing turnkey training solutions, expanding the definition of interactive eTraining, and introducing practical implementations of new technologies.  

Providing turnkey solutions means the contractor takes full responsibility for a well-developed product from the design to the implementation and commissioning. Therein, the turnkey company becomes a proverbial key that the client can simply turn to establish complete functionality. In practice, this means that Elite CEU works with the client to develop eTraining courses, using over a decade’s worth of knowledge to suggest what content and which delivery systems work best for the client’s need. Once the courses have been created, Elite CEU also ensures that the courses are published free of errors or bugs, can be accessed smoothly by users, and analytics of the courses are made available to clients. Elite CEU guarantees that the courses always meet industry standards and are available for redevelopment as the company continues to advance their eLearning design. Being a turnkey is important because Elite CEU understands that not every company is comprised of professional educators. In this way, Elite CEU’s goals are furthered by ensuring that companies and workers have access to modern and interactive avenues to learn new skills and qualifications.

        It’s this second point, the point of interactive content, that Elite CEU hopes to develop the most. So often eLearning courses feel like glorified slideshow presentations. While there are times when the delivery of content works best in this type of slideshow format, Elite CEU finds that retention of information is aided when at least a quarter of the content is interactive. One of Elite CEU’s goals during development is to attain this level of interactivity. Still, there is a greater difference Elite CEU wants to emphasize, between interactive courses and interactive content. A course can be interactive and not be engaging, where its interaction consists of simply clicking a button, say choosing between two images, to progress. Elite CEU wishes to push this interactivity further, focusing on making the content itself interactive to build on the retention of the content. Content immersion through microtraining courses, interactive videos, and gamification of broader concepts is the key to retention and interactivity. Elite CEU’s goal is to expand the definition of interactive eTraining content by tailoring the courses to the subject matter.

        The interactivity of presentation-based content can usually only be so immersive. Outside of gamified content and microtraining courses, there is often a limit to the immersion of the user. For this reason, Elite CEU believes that augmented and virtual reality are the ultimate training tools. Virtual reality is effective because it engages the user’s senses and provides a learning experience free of outside distractions. Even augmented reality applications can provide on-demand immersive content, though Elite CEU’s passion is virtual reality. Now, instead of asking students to retain lectured or presented content, virtual reality provides an environment where the user can actively interact with the content. Users can learn in dedicated, safe spaces and gain practical skills and applications. Elite CEU’s experience in designing eLearning courses shines most brightly in their application of virtual reality presentations. The same methodologies that are used in creating slideshow presentations can be used to direct a virtual reality curriculum. Students can be taught the same material but from a kinesthetic approach, which lends more concretely to the retention of information.  

Elite CEU’s dedication to embracing the latest technologies and methodologies for eLearning allow us to always push the boundaries of what content they can provide. Elite CEU’s commitment to reinvention allows for greater service as a turnkey provider, ensuring that the client’s content is always well implemented and continually redeveloped. Elite CEU’s determination to expand on established ideologies gives way to interactive courses and content. This focus on immersion has created a focus on virtual reality, which Elite CEU believes is the future of eTraining solutions. Elite CEU’s ability to adapt has ensured the company’s continued success. For any further questions on eTraining, virtual reality, or Elite CEU’s ability to create custom, interactive eLearning courses, please visit Elite CEU’s website.