2019 Statewide License Renewals

Elite CEU works to ensure that our students are kept informed of their licensing requirements. This applies to both the courses you need and the time by which they must be completed.  This breaks down the list of upcoming (2019) renewals dates and requirements.

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Montana Fire Alarm Installers must renew their private licenses annually by May 31st.  Applicants are required to show proof of a minimum of eight (8) hours of education before renewing their license. Remember, excess hours may be carried over to the proceeding year.



New Jersey security professionals licensed under the New Jersey Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Advisory Committee must complete their required coursework by the statewide renewal of August 31st. During the triennial cycle:

One (Single/1)License must earn 24 total credits

Two (Dual/2) Licenses must earn 38 total credits

Three (Triple/3) Licenses must earn 52 total credits

While only 10 hours of coursework can be completed online per license, Elite CEU offers hundreds of hours of approved coursework to assist our students. Don’t forget your New Jersey Mandatory courses, as these must be completed every renewal period.



Alarm professionals holding an Iowa Alarm License must renew their licenses on September 30th. Licenses are issued for a three year term and are specific to the individual. Hours required are dependent on the license held.



In Wichita, Kansas Master Alarm Certificate issued by the City will expire 12/31 of each odd-numbered year. There is a $20 processing fee to obtain a City of Wichita Alarm certificate to allow a Technician to work. There are no continuing education requirements at this time.